Bringing you new customers through captive audiences

We run the content and advertising space on the onboard infotainment system on trains, coaches, and buses giving you access to millions of people in the A/B/C demographic who will see your advertisement in a unique high dwell environment.

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Spoken Ink Media brings new customers to you. We do this through captive audiences. We run the content and advertising space on trains, planes, hospitals and hotels giving you access to millions of people in the A/B demographic who will see your advertisement in a unique high dwell environment.

Your customers can send their emails to you in live time or we'll send you a daily list of the emails you've harvested. You'll know exactly how many people have viewed your advertisement, how many new customers you've got and how much the campaign has cost you.

What can we do for you?

We can get you new customers and brand exposure. All our platforms offer more than double the conversion rates of traditional advertising and our customers have money to spend. We offer a unique high dwell environment where customers can engage with your content undistracted.

Matching your company with the right content.

We source the best content from dozens of different providers (TV, films, news feeds, audiobooks, e-books, cartoons and more) and match your advertisement up with the appropriate content.

Matching your company with the right captive audience partner.

Our partners include Northern Rail, Grand Central, Chiltern Railways and National Express coaches. We also provide content for various airline companies such as British Airways, Lufthansa, Air Canada, several NHS and private hospitals across the UK, Ireland, Australia and the Middle East.

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What's different about
a captive audience?

We know the demographic of our passengers, and can target your advertisement at the customers you know you want.

Our infotainment is accessible via your own portable device – be it mobile, tablet or laptop. Captive audience advertising exposes customers to advertisements for far longer than ordinary advertising.

Our customers can interact with your advertisement– the infotainment system is linked directly to the Wifi. If passengers are interested, they can simply click the ad and be directed straight to your site.

Our customer data allows you to target exactly who you want. Our high volumes can give you the reach you require.

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You can choose any of three platforms

Case Study: Grand Central

On Grand Central Rail we have reduced data usage by 40%. 45% of all Wifi users regularly use our infotainment.


We source advertising for the entertainment systems of NHS Hospitals Royal College London Hospital, University College London Hospital and St Bartholomews.

On average patients have access to the entertainment systems for 1 – 2 days. As a front page advertiser your product will be on display throughout that time.

We also run the entertainment systems for a number of private hospitals and clinics. Please get in touch for more details.


We provide content and specialist channels to airlines. We develop new software for entertainment systems in conjunction with our partners, which can realise new channels and mediums for you to reach your customers. We work with many of the largest airlines, supplying audio, short films and our currently developing new, specialist channels.



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